At this point you're probably wondering,

"Ok this site is great and all but, what do they actually do?"

Well here you go.

Below is a list of areas where we help bands, bars/restaurants and venues succeed. 

Social Networking

Managing Social Media

Promoting through all social media platforms to get your band, music or business noticed and recognized in the community. 


Who doesn't love live music?

We will help put you on stage and assist in gettting fans engaged with you and your band. Ground Zero Promotions is now booking in Colorado, Wyoming and Arizona. 


Put your name out there

Continuously sharing your page, website, channel or any other links around our own set of of pages and groups. This helps keep your name in a constant rotation over all social media platforms.

Word Of Mouth 

Sounds like a given, right?

Word of mouth is still the truest form of advertising we have. Social media and things of that nature are great and extremely useful, but how many times a day do you still hear, "have you heard of this band?' If you're answer is "not many" then you're not listening. Especially in the rock/metal community, we talk . . . A LOT. We want to share everyone involved with the world.